EDI Overview

EDI ( Electronic Data Interchange) is the main method of communication of sales information and data from retailer to Vendor.It is the means of your retailer sending you an order for processing,we receive it on your behalf and our computer system decodes the order data,allows for scannable Barcode and SSCC label production, RF scan packing of orders and sends an electronic invoice (ASN) to your retailer. They can then receive your order at their Distribution Centre ,Cross Dock or store,check it off electronically using the SSCC labels and approve your invoice for payment,it’s an extremely efficient way of doing business.

Scan packing is the most accurate way of processing orders and is becoming standard practice for many Major Retailers in Australia and Overseas.
Eureka Pick & Pack are accredited to supply most major retailers and can help your business adapt to the EDI environment,setting up EDI is straightforward and we can complete the process of accreditation for your business.

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